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Our compost - always peat-free


We always use peat-free compost, which we do not find causes any issues, but since we installed to our new posh flood-bench irrigation system last year the compost we were using tended to hold too much water and something more free-draining would be better. When we were originally choosing our compost we attended the Four Oaks commercial growers show as a good way of speaking to the suppliers and seeing their products, and from there identified two worth testing. 

We chose Petersfields peat-free supreme and have since changed to thier peat-free, high coir version as we found we wanted the extra drainage.

Its proved to be excellent as it is open enough for quick rooting. The low loam content does not seem to leak out of the holes at the bottom, which is important as we water from below in flood benches.

Its also a consistant product so well done to all those at Petersfields/Hewitts Turf.