talks and advice




I am available for give talks and presentations and will travel up to an hours drive from south Oxfordshire.  Topics include:

  • How to support bees in your garden (for either gardeners or beekeepers)

  • Different plants for different bees: the interdependency

  • Introduction to beekeeping

Most talks are 45-60 mins

Meetings at rosybee

Meetings at rosybee

I am available to give in-depth advice for charities or commercial buyers;  I can provide guidance on which plants and planting schemes are likely to make the most of any site or meet your particular requirements.

The advice is free in any bulk purchases but I can also provide support on a purely 'consulting' basis; please let me know what your need and I will quote for this

Of course, I am always happy to answer any questions from any of my customers.




Rosi checking bees with assortment of kids

Rosi checking bees with assortment of kids

I have been a business woman for all of my adult life, in roles such as Customer Service, Marketing and latterly in Financial Services consultancy, but I have also been a passionate amateur gardener for about 30 years. Over the last 10 years this passion became an obsession with plant propagation resulting in the production of ever greater volumes of plants.  

Then in 2009, my husband and I took up beekeeping and, very naturally, I found that I wanted to grow plants to support them. I quite quickly found that both the information and the supply of plants was a little lacking. Now a few years on, there is much better information available but it can still be tricky to source the right plants and be confident that in how to plant them to provide the best support for the bees.

I am now fortunate enough to been able to turn the hobbies into a business and am further developing my understanding of the complex relationship between plants and bees through continual research.