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Report from the hives: Feb '14

When we last checked the hives, just after Christmas, we found that 4 looked fine but one had just a very small brood ball huddled in one corner of the brood box, and we were sure we would loose it.  Yesterday the weather was fine enough to have another quick peak and check them for food levels; I am pleased to report that all 5 are doing fine.

Interestingly most have not touched the fondant we gave them which indicates they still have enough honey reserves. We left the fondant we had given them previously but its much better that they consume any remaining honey first because, certainly if its left in any supers, the old crystalised honey will get in the way of later honey crops.

There were a few bees flying but we did not observe any pollen being collected yet even though the catkins are out and snowdrops are beginning to flower; its just too early I suspect.