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Salvias - plants for bees


Salvia is a large family of plants and includes both annuals and perennials, native and exotic, many of them herbal. Most of them are good for bees but this does not include the brightly coloured bedding plants that are sold in most garden centres as, even if it produces some nectar, the flower tubes are too long for the tongues of most British bee species.

Herbs: good old sage (salvia officianalis), a shrubby herb; let it flower and use the side leaves in the kitchen. Also in this catergory are varients of our common sage; pineaple sage and Greek sage.

Brithish wildflowers: wild clary (salvia berbenaca) - a creaping plant that will grow in grassland.

Garden perennials: salvia nemorosa - a useful and hardy border plant with short purple spires to about 40cm. Makes good ground cover at the front of a sunny border. This plant is also called salvia x sylvestris and salvia splendens (really not sure why it needs so many names)

At rosybee we stock Salvia nemorosa which is a very hardy and reliable perennials which is good at the front of a sunny border, and also common sage