Follow our progress running the nursery, watching wild bees, keeping honey bees and creating our own bee-haven in south Oxfordshire

Installing beehives at Denman College (WI HQ)


Yesterday we moved our first beehive to Denman College where we are 'beekeepers in residence'. We had been waiting to make sure the bees had survived the winter. On inspecting the chosen hive we found them to be very active but all up the top eating the fondant and small amount of pollen we had given them. The brood box was very light when we lifted it so they must have completely exhausted all their other stores. Thank goodness we have kept feeding them!

When we got to Denman, we were struck by how sheltered the apiary site is compared to Rosybee which is amongst a flat arable expanse. Its a lovely apiary site, nestled under tree old apple trees at the far north of the gardens. The bees have the full 20 acre garden to themselves and we are not aware of any competing hives anywhere close to their introduction should be benefitial to the local environment too.

Here we are just installing the hive. It will be very interesting to keep bees on two sites and compare the difference in the bees behaviour.