Follow our progress running the nursery, watching wild bees, keeping honey bees and creating our own bee-haven in south Oxfordshire

Site prep for bee friendly planting at Rosybee

Most of the infrastructure we need for nursery is now in place so it is time to start developing the site itself. Our vision is to fill four acres with all types of bee-friendly plants, shrubs and trees. At the heart of this will be the research plots where we will test out some of the best selling 'nectar rich' seed mixes and compare them with plug grown perennials.

The first step has been to get the plough in to break the turf in 3 big sections.  Our soil is very heavy compacted clay so the ploughing has raised it up like giant, 60cm high, butter  curls. (see the big ridges at the edge of the picture above) In this condition its hard to imagine how it will ever be a workable texture that I can so seed into. But they assure me that once it has dried out a little then next stage, harrowing, will break it down  much more. 

In the mean time our daughter thinks is a new adventure playground!


I wrote the above text before we had got round to taking a picture and 2 hours later I find that they have already been back with the harrier!! Speedy.  So here is how the 'avenue' looks all nice and freshly tilled; ready to sow. This area will be planted with 3 different commercial seed mixes so should look pretty until the grass begins to dominate.