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Bee-plant trial plot - February - coming back to life

It so exciting to see the the new growth pushing its way up and to know that the plants have made it successfully through another winter. The first trial bee plot is now entering its third season and so the perennials as well established (as are a few weeds) and I can also see how the self-seeding annual plants are working. Both the borage and the mysotis have self seeded well and seem to work fine together covering early and late season. The Chieranthus Chieri was three years old last season and getting a bit woody but produces a carpet of seedlings which are now growing on beutifully and I expect will be flowering by April.

The only plant which does not seem to have seeded is the biennial echium vulgare. I think this is becuase it was planted in the shade of some taller plants and did not get enough direct sun. I will restock with some spare plugs in a sunnier area.