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Covering the water tank - not easy!

Over the past week or so it has been very mild for February and I was conscious that we had not yet got round to covering the water tank.  This is essential to stop algae growing and turning the water to green slime. The main reason we had delayed was simply because we were not sure how to approach the job. But we decided to tackle it on Saturday armed with downloaded instructions.  It turns out that for bit tanks like ours (6 meters across and almost 3 meters high) that it comes with a central support pole from which you attach supporting ropes - a bit like a maypole. The ends of the ropes are tied round the outside of the tank and then the cover is slid over the structure. Well that sounds easy enough; ha ha.

The first thing we found when we popped our heads over the rim was that the algae had already started to grow so I was dispatched to get a fishing net. After that the challenge was to get into the tank and then endure the very cold, waist-high, water and place the 'maypole' in the centre. I left this job to my very brave husband.

We did eventually get everything in place but I guess it took us about 4 hours. But now it is done and another job off the list