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Planning permission approved

Two months later than the planning office deadline, we finally got approval for our plans to build a polytunnel, large tank for rainwater capture and a barn. Hurrah. Immediately we dusted off the project plan and started making phone calls. I am very glad we took the risk of getting the main access track in place as this week it rained and the areas of the field where Mike  has been working turned to a very sticky clay bog within hours.  Clearly the weather is now going to have an impact on progress (curse the planning delays).  Never the less, we would still like to try and get the polytunnel in by Christmas and power by January.  That gives me still some chance of an initial crop to sell for late spring.

The first job is still to finish the ground work; continue building the track into the main field and adding a turning circle; foundations for polytunnel and tank; more trenches for services. Then we can start putting in the structures.

While waiting for planning permission my husband has recently been diverting resouces by buying some sheep! These have needed additional fencing, which then caused some ditchwork to be brought forward in the plan. Still they are here now and its nice to feel like we are beginning to occupy the site.