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Exchanging contracts to buy the land

We are back to that really painful yet inevitable stage where wording of contract clauses needs to debated and agreed in detail.  It is so slow but also quite important to get it right:

  • do we allow the seller to still have rights to access any services we put on our land from the field he will still own next door?
  • are there any clauses that might stop us building something we need later?
  • etc

In our case this is made worse by our seller not being on email and so everything has to be typed by the secretary and then posted snail-mail back and forth.

We just agreed the last bits of principle and now need to solicitor to send out the final land transfer paperwork for signing,

We are very confident that this will all have a happy ending very soon. We were hoping it would be this week so we have taken the risk of ordering fencing materials, gates and a digger for the weekend.  Now we just need to wait .....again.