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Buying land isn't as easy as you think

I havnt been able to bring myself to blog for a few weeks as there are really only so many ways you can say "still waiting for the solicitors to do their thing with the contracts". The good news is that we did eventually (after 14 weeks of nagging) get a draft contract through from the farmers solicitor for the option to purchase our 5 acres of lands - subject to planning permission.  He clearly doesn't trust his client as he made us declare a formal undertaking (solicitor speak for a promise) to pay part of his costs.  Anyway, we get the contract and realise that the farmer doesn't appear to own the lane we need to use to access the field.  And we don't know who does. So now we need to do a 'search' to find out. More money, more time......

Also, they still cant seem to get the lines on the map drawn accurately to reflect the measurement on the ground that mark where our % acres stops and starts.

We could have move house twice in this time.  Oh, well.  I think I can be patient a little longer as it is making progress of a sort.