Helenium autumnale- ranked top in our research

Helenium autumnale- ranked top in our research

August brings us big plant that have been growing all season and have reached grand heights by the time they flower; tall daisies, giant spires and bushy perennials.  Now the bees they have maximised their numbers, the queen is now laying less and the main focus of the hives are to gather and much nectar as possible to lay down honey for the winter ahead.  So those big flowers, are vital to provide for their needs. Those plants that are reliable and will be really appreciate include:

Heleniums - our top ranked bee-plant , rudbeckias, echinacea, and even sunflowers - fascinating to watch the bees carefully work their way around each tiny nectary. The heleniums attract both honey bees and a range of tiny solitary bees.

The teucriums, nepetas and agastache are all at their best now too - the latter is a really good garden but little grown garden plant that is really hardy and reliable, clumping-up nicely but never invasive. It also smells of liquorice which means it will have essential oils which also help keep the bees free of pests and diseases.

Of the wild flowers, the blackberry may still be flowering and willowherb is out; a pest for gardeners and its seeds manage to get everywhere but a very useful source for bees.