Plants for bees

We are now taking orders for spring-time deliveries:

·      Allium deliveries from February

·      Main stock from end March

·      Pots collection/annuals when frosts stop

All our plants have been carefully selected to ensure that they are amongst the most attractive to bees; we grow and observe each variety before we offer them for sale. And of course they are all grown organically and are peat and pesticide free!

We sell our plants in trays of 6, or sometimes 10, small plants and each tray is enough to fill 1+ square meters of flowering area. All plugs and plants are ready to go straight into the ground and we recommend planting in blocks of 3s or 5s as a big block is more efficient for the bees.

Sorry we only ship to mainland UK and Northern Ireland excluding islands.

Collection: for pots & containers


Collection: for pots & containers


Deliveries end April/early May

26 large plugs from 6 plant types which will fill 3 to 4 large pots.

These are mainly perennials so will grow again next year. Finding plants that will look good in pots and also attract bees is not easy because most plants sold for containers and bred specially and in doing so have become sterile. These plants still produce nectar and pollen but are naturally small. The collection will typically include:

  • 6 dwarf lavender to provide some structure ('little lottie' or 'twinkle purple')
  • 5 semi-trailing yellow santivalia or bacopa 'snowflake' - annual
  • 5 dwarf pale blue scabious japonica - perennial
  • 5 dwarf blue campanula carpatica - perennial
  • 5 echium 'blue bedder' - annual (cut back when it gets too tall and it will give a few more flowers this summer)

*Pot not included  

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