help count bees

Here is your chance to add to our research! The amount of measurement on which plants bees like best is quite limited so it would really help if you wanted to add to this growing fact-base.

If you have some time during a warm day, when the bees are out and buzzing around, try to identify which plants they are really interested in.  Then simply count how many bees you can see in that moment, and if possible note if they are honeybees, bumblebees or other. Don't worry too much as just the total will be fine. Do this for as many plants as you like.

Once you have your tally of bees per plants, please submit them via the form below.  You will need to submit one form per plant.  Many thanks. We will publish results at the end of each year.

Date of bee counting
Date of bee counting
Total number of bees you saw on this plant within one hour
Types of bees you saw