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Rain did not stop these bees

honeybee on rain-drenched borage

honeybee on rain-drenched borage

It has rained almost solidly for the last 24 hours but is still warm so, between showers, the bees have been very active.  Honeybees are normally quite fussy about the weather, not wanting to venture out when it is too cold, too wet or too windy. So I was very surprised to see as many on the borage when it was still overcast and dripping wet.

This picture has caught the rain drops on the petals in perfect focus, at the expense of the bee, but I thought it captured the moment well.

I counted an average of 1 bee per square meter of borage this morning; mainly honeybees but also saw buff-tailed, early and carder bumblebees. The bumbles were collecting the white pollen and the honeybees the nectar.

by rosi