Follow our progress running the nursery, watching wild bees, keeping honey bees and creating our own bee-haven in south Oxfordshire

Starting the nursery: first stages of development

The minute we exchanged contracts on the land we started work putting in the structures and services.  (Here I am leaning on my smart new front gates )  This project will last for at least  the next 3 months... or maybe longer as we are currently waiting for a decision on the planning concent.  If (if, if, if) we get approval then we might be done by early November. The planning department is due to give us a decision by next week but seem to be playing  'silly buggers'.  Two weeks ago they suddenly asked for a business plan. 'What business is that of thiers' you ask, and so did we. Anyway, I wrote one (in three hours flat, before shooting off on the family holiday).  But now they tell us they are seeking independant advice as to whether the business will be viable! Extraordinary but if they can find someone to tell them that I would also like his number.

In the mean time we are doing as much as we can on the site that does not require permission. Most of the fencing, groundwork and services supply will be done by our friend Mike who,  in his muttered way, has convinced me that he is the best person to undertake the development.  He is one of those really usefull, multi-skilled people, highly talented chap, who can turn thier hand to most things.... but he has his own way of doing it all! 

So far he has got the fences and gates up so the site is secure.  Now he is digging out ditches and other 'soil' work that counts and general agricultural activities.  He loves his digger and has even used it to tidy up bits of the allotment.

More installments to follow.