plants for bees

We want to help everyone make a difference to the future of UK pollinating insects.

Bees need masses of flowers, continuously, from as early as March through to October. They rely on bulbs and then tree flowers for the first few months but from May onwards ground level flowers are their natural food supply which would originally have meant meadows but now means gardens.

At rosybee we supply plants that we are certain will be good for bees because we have grown them and observed how many bees they attract.  We are also:

  • Creating a bee-haven by gradually developing our 6 acre site to increase the volume of nectar and pollen available
  • Researching more plants to test which are best for bees. This involves involves growing and comparing more plant varieties and keeping careful records of how may and what type of bees they attract
  • Testing some other products which are sold claiming to be good for bees, particularly seed mixes, to see how they perform in practice.

.... and we also keep bees!

We write about these other activities in our blog so you can follow our progress.